North Shore Modelers & Roofing Inc is an internationally recognized roofing company and also family owned. Over the last many years that we have been operating, we have managed to open branches across the globe and this is enough proof that we are the fastest growing provider of roof repair and installation services.

Let us proceed after you look at these things you can try yourself and give you some of the leading reasons why you should only hire us for all your roofing projects.


We are Experts

North Shore Modelers & Roofing is well known for hiring the expert roofers in the market to the extent that even the new graduates in this industry want to work with us as the first and only employer. The staff undergo additional training that hones their skills and ability to deliver quality services to all our customers. A number of members on our team have been trained and gained experience through some of the biggest names in the business including:

Roofing Tulsa OK – Dillons Roofing has been a long time friend of ours and for any of you out there in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, we cannot say enough good things about these guys.

Be sure to check this link out for a few tips and tricks from our friends over at the DIY Network that you can do yourself but rest assured that you won’t get the experience and quality that we put forth with these kinds of tips.

They will also provide you with valuable information on how to maintain and take care of the roof to save money and time on roof repair and maintenance services that can be avoided.

Modern Equipment and System

If you want to get to the next level, you have to focus on ensuring that the services you are offering conform to the international standards. This is one of the secrets and working protocols that we adhere to across the projects that we do.

We have also a set of the latest roofing equipment and system and train our staff on how to use them best. With them, we are able to offer top notch remodeling and roof repair & installation services to all our customers. Sometimes an effective roof repair requires more than just roofers. That is why we have a team that consists of both roofing AND home remodeling contractors to make sure the job gets done right. If a roof is damaged enough, some repair and renovation work might be required on the inside of your home as well to ensure you maximize your investment and the work we do.

We use a number of suppliers, including some of the top home renovation contractors in Rockford Il that provide us with the highest quality products from some of the most reputable companies in the world. Skip the stress and headache of trying to do-it-yourself if you don’t have the experience. Sure, you might save some money if you find rare deals and have some background in this field, but if you don’t then you could end up costing yourself a lot of money and time.

You can put your mind at ease if you go with us because we make sure to use nothing but the most modern materials and products that are on the market.

Affordable Services

The cost is one of the things that hinder some people from enjoying the best roofing services. Our marketing team in conjunction with the management team has a set of rules that we use to make sure that each customer enjoys an affordable service that is actually real and long lasting. When you get in touch with our support team, feel free to ask for a quote from them to help you prepare or better yet budget.

Wide Array of Roofing Projects

Over the years we have expanded our clientele and this has brought an urgent need to increase the number of roofing services that we offer. click here to see the various services and roofing projects that we have the qualifications and the skills to carry out. If by any chance the service you are looking for is not included in the list, we will be more than glad to give you a custom service package without over charging you.

Finally, our team will work diligently on your roof and complete it within the agreed date in the work plan. There is not need to be on site if you have other things to do, we can work on our own or rather without supervision and deliver the same results.

The quality of the service we put forth will be sure to exceed your wildest expectations, as well as the warranty to know the specific things or tasks that are covered.