Roof Repair

North Shore Modelers & Roofing Inc is a well known company that offers the best roof repair services across the globe. We have being in operation for more than ten years and we will continue to serve you as long as we have the energy to get the work down.

Having a leaking roof predispose you to numerous damages such as water damage that could hamper your comfort in the house. We have over the years helped to repair thousands of homes and commercial premises that used to have poorly installed roofs.


Trained Staff

The people that we will send to your premises to work on your roof are trained on how to get the work done correctly. If you are not sure about their experience, you can make your own little checklist as seen here and we will respond to your queries to make sure that you are confident about the services that we are going to offer.

As we have mentioned before in regards to our trained and amazing staff here at North Shore Modelers, they have gained experience and training from some of the leading roofing supply groups and companies in the country including: – Rockford Area Roofers – Superior Roofing has been supplying us with some of our most popular asphalt shingle models and we almost wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand without them! – St. Peters Roofing has been providing us with the majority of our gutter and siding supply and there aren’t many other companies out there that offer the variety that they do. If you see something on their site that isn’t displayed on ours, it will only be a phone call away for us to get it for you!

Modern Repair Equipment and Tools

The success of a roof repair project is largely hinged on the quality and type of equipment and tools that are used. We do now this as the gospel truth and have invested in modern tools and equipment that we use to make sure that we offer quality roof repair services at all times.

Finally, we have invested in the best modern pricing systems and an insurance policy that covers all our personnel and staff from accidents and other forms of eventualities. Click here to learn more about the services that you can do on your own but can bet your bottom dollar it won’t compare to the quality of work you will be getting from North Shore Modelers!.